About Us

John and Allison Diehl, both from Boston, met each other while traveling to Portugal and became best friends.  They went from friends to soon-to-be newlyweds, and they found that they thrive working as a team.  John and Allison are fun-loving adventure seekers who love to travel and spend time at the beach.

John, known as “The Beard Baron,” produces the world's finest, high quality beard and mustache care products.  As the most trusted name in beard care since 2014, The Beard Baron sells to over 100 different countries through his website.  He has handled the most unruly and coarse hair: beards.

With the success of The Beard Baron products, it was clear that women’s beauty care was next.  Together, John and Allison created the Grand Baroness.  The Grand Baroness produces the finest, most luxurious hair care and beauty products with scents that are elegant and one of a kind. It is truly “Beauty care fit for royalty.”

Allison has always had a passion for beauty care.  She has dealt with her own curly hair being dry, damaged, and color treated.  She is extremely particular about which beauty care products she uses.  The Grand Baroness premium hair oils have not only revitalized her hair, but the color is more vibrant, the curls are more natural, and the frizz she used to face has for the most part disappeared.

"You deserve the best and we're committed to creating the world's finest products.  We're excited to share our passion for beauty care with you!" - John and Allison